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This is Declan Moore and donkey Machanta, dogs Ruby and Scooby. He works the car park in Dingle, playing music and telling tales of leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold. Look for a song about them soon!

The pics on the CD cover are of people who have had an impact, especially having to do with this CD, on my life at one time or another and thru the years. I have been blessed to receive the love and support of them either in personal life or my musical life. Please use the carousel below by clicking the image you'd like to see and get more information on the photographs and artwork.

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Notes on "I'm Your Huckleberry"

Watching these songs being built was quite a learning experience, and at each step of adding instruments and voices the songs sounded better and better. My engineer/producer, Marco Delmar, did a remarkable job of mixing the instruments and voices. I am grateful to Marco for his guidance and insistence to do it one more time until we got what we wanted, and his connection to some of the supporting musicians that make the songs what they are. 

And speaking of supporting musicians 


Eric Selby   Drums and percussion   

You can hear Eric’s music on all major streaming services and check him out at He is a very accomplished drummer, also a singer/songwriter, accompanying himself on guitar. I love his music!


Fred Travers  Dobro and backing vocals

Fred is the dobro player for the Seldom Scene bluegrass band, and one the most highly recognized dobro players in bluegrass. Fred also has a great voice and lends harmonies to BallyB and Walking Free. 

Kyle Travers   Backing vocals

Kyle has a beautiful voice and that bluegrass style that makes the harmonies so sweet. And yes, she is Fred’s wife! 

I am so thankful to have Fred and Kyle on my CD, they are longtime friends and former bandmates of early bluegrass days and songs of the 70’s, as is… 

Mike Phipps   Mandolin and backing vocals

Mike is another longtime friend and former bandmate. He now performs with the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band, The Dixie Ramblers, and Jay Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition. Mike has a baritone/bass voice and is a great singer as you can hear on Walking Free. 


Marco Delmar

Along with producing, Marco plays on some songs, including guitar (lead and rhythm), bass, and percussions. He is obviously a fine musician and highly recognized for his producing talents. 


Seth Kibel   Saxophone

You can check out Seth at He is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier woodwind specialists, and I am fortunate to have him playing on The Life You Lead. 


Brian Simms   Piano and accordion

Brian brings some beautiful piano to several songs and his accordion work in BallyB gives it that genuine Celtic sound. He leads his own band Junkyard Saints and has performed with many of the DC areas most notable bands and musicians. 


Lynn Hollyfield   Backing vocals

Lynn is a well known and highly accomplished singer/composer in the DC area, and you can check her out at She has a beautiful voice and is a wonderful guitarist also, and her styles and rhythms are soulful and heartfelt. I am grateful for her harmony work on When We Go Walking. Thank you Lynn!


Elise Kress   Penny whistle

You can check out Elise at She is a teacher and performer and her penny whistle on A Belfast Song gives it that great Celtic sound. 


TIPSC   pronounced “tipsy” Traditional Irish Pub Song Club

These are my bandmates and I am so happy that they are included on A Belfast Song. We are of the older age group and during the pandemic, studio work for groups was not possible. But thankfully we were able to get it done just in time to be included. So these are me mates!…..

Art Sands   Backing vocals, lyricist A Belfast Song

Linda Sands   Backing vocals

Terri Bapistellar   Backing vocals

Larry Welch   Guitar and backing vocals

Mike Rausch   Bass

Art is our bandleader and sometimes bodhran player, Irish poet and Irish character!

Linda and Terri are our TIPSC girls, both singing beautiful harmonies and lead vocals on songs with the TIPSC band. And they do their best to keep us organized. And fed! And up to date with songbooks! And in touch!” Lord knows that without them, Art, Larry, Mike and I would be a Marx brothers episode!!

Larry Welch is our own Guitarzan! He gets us going and keeps us going, playing some fine lead on most songs, also some great slide guitar on some songs. He also plays with The Assisted Living Band in the Annapolis area. 

Mike Rausch   Mike has played in the Annapolis area for many years with local band Music Room, also plays with Beatless in the same area. He is a great bass player, smooth and unruffled at all times, and a very funny man! I call him MacGuyver as he can fix anything with a paperclip and a rubber band. 

I am blessed indeed to have crossed paths with Larry and Art in 2008, joining TIPSC in 2009 and still making music with them, hopefully for years to come. 



Song Credits

A Belfast Song   written by Art Sands, music by Tommy Goucher

The Parting Glass   Traditional Scottish song

All other lyrics and music Tommy Goucher


BallyB   Vocals, guitar  Tommy

                Dobro   Fred Travers

                Bass   Marco Delmar

                Drums, percussions  Eric Selby

                Accordion   Brian Simms

                Backing vocals   Kyle and Fred Travers


End of the Line   Vocals, guitar   Tommy

                                 Bass   Marco Delmar

                                 Drums  Eric Selby

                                 Piano   Brian Simms


When We Go Walking   Vocals, guitar, mandolin, mandolin

                                             Bass   Mike Rausch

                                             Tamborine   Marco Delmar

                                             Backing vocals   Lynn Hollyfield


Book of Life   Vocals, guitar, backing vocals   Tommy

                           Bass, electric guitar   Marco Delmar

                           Drums, percussion   Eric Selby


Doris Irene   Vocals, backing vocals, guitar, mandolin   Tommy

                         Bass  Mike Rausch


Change Your Ways   Vocals, backing vocals, guitar   Tommy

                                         Slide guitar   Larry Welch

                                         Bass and guitar   Marco Delmar

                                         Drums, percussion   Eric Selby


A Belfast Song   Vocals, guitar   Tommy

                                 Lead guitar, backing vocals   Larry Welch

                                 Bass   Mike Rausch

                                 Terri Bapistellar   Backing vocals

                                  Linda Sands   Backing vocals

                                  Art Sands   Lyricist, backing vocals


Walking Free   Vocals, guitar   Tommy

                             Bass   Mike Rausch

                             Dobro, backing vocals   Fred Travers

                             Mandolin, backing vocals   Mike Phipps

                             Backing vocals   Kyle Travers


The Life You Lead   Guitar, vocals   Tommy

                                      Bass, guitar   Marco Delmar

                                      Drums   Eric Selby

                                      Saxophone   Seth Kibel


Child of Child   Vocals, guitar   Tommy

                              Bass   Marco Delmar

                              Bodhran, percussions   Eric Selby

                              Piano   Brian Simms


The Parting Glass   Vocals, guitar   Tommy

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