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Photo 4

Paulie O'Brien, me, and Tom O'Brien at The Exchange Inn in Ballybunion. Tom and Paulie make up “Blue Shampoo” (local band out of Tralee) as mentioned in BallyB. We met them in Killarney at Scruffy Murphy’s Pub and they let me have the stage for what I intended to be one song. But Paulie handed me his guitar and told me I must do two songs, as anyone could get up there and do just one! And they were headed to The Exchange Inn in Ballybunion the next night, where they again allowed me to “do a couple tonight”. They were so kind and gracious and I am forever thankful that we crossed paths with them. 


Sharon and her distant cousin Jo O’Sullivan, wife of “Jimmy O”, both mentioned in BallyB. Jimmy has passed, but Jo still goes to their family cottage in Ballybunion each summer, and has invited and hosted us several times. The cottage is right on the ocean and a short walk to The Exchange, also very near the world famous Ballybunion Golf course. The photo was taken in Dingle.


Just a few of the photos that adorn a part of “The Wall” on the Irish Republic side in Belfast. 


A beautiful Irish Lass in front of a chocolate shop in Doolin :) Sharon

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