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L to R back row: Grandsons Danny Goucher and Jay Harwood, me, grandson Cy Harwood, granddaughter Katie Goucher, daughter-in-law Donna Lusby Goucher, friend Jim Holtkamp. Front row: Son-in-law Cory Harwood, daughter Melanie Goucher Harwood, wife Sharon Frances, friend Cherie Holtkamp. 

Top left, right side photo:

L to R: grandsons Jay Harwood and Danny Goucher, bonus grandchildren Jessie Rosnage, Jack Rosnage, and Alec Holtkamp, granddaughter Katie Goucher, grandson Cy Harwood. 

Inset photo:

Son-in-law Michael Mangold, son John Goucher

Bottom inside left cover: back row, L to R:

Granddaughter Katie Goucher, friend Jim Holtkamp (back to camera), grandson Jay Harwood, son Dan Goucher, son-in-law Cory Harwood, wife Sharon Frances, me. Front row L to R Friend Cherie Holtkamp, daughter-in-law Donna Lusby Goucher, daughter Melanie Goucher Harwood, friends Dave Lobas and Debbie Lusby Lobas.

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