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First wife Muffin Moxley Goucher, mother of my children and mother and Granny extraordinaire, Walking Free is an ode to her. She passed away in 2015 after a twenty year struggle with MS. My mom Doris Irene Birch Goucher, friend Wayne Lockman, who gave me a guitar for Christmas in 1969. I believe my music gene would have laid dormant if not for that most special gift. Thank you Wayne! Susan Purdy and Sharon Hall, proprietors of Bay Wine and Spirits in North Beach, my favorite solo venue. They are always supportive of my music and Susan did the photography work and helped me design the CD cover. Best big brother ever Mike Goucher, lord only knows where I’d be today without his love and support through the years. And my bandmates from TIPSC Mike Rausch, me, Terri Bapistellar, Richard Seuss, Linda Sands, Art Sands, Larry Welch. 

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